A day trip to London

On Saturday, 3 September I took a day trip to London. I booked my train tickets in advance using trainline.com Unfortunately, the first train was cancelled and the second was delayed, so I ended up getting into London 40 minutes later than I expected. This meant it was a bit of a rush to get to my first activity.

I bought a return ticket to Westminster using the ticket machines at Kings Cross underground station. As I don’t have an Oyster card, it was a little confusing. The return ticket cost £12.60 but I could have bought a day ticket for a little bit more.

My first stop was the Palace of Westminster. I had booked my visitor ticket in advance which cost me £22.50 and I also pre-purchased a guide book for £5. Security was really tight as you went in.

You can only take photographs in Westminster Hall and St Stephen’s Hall and you are not allowed to take pictures anywhere else, including the House of Lords chamber and the House of Commons chamber.

I opted for a multi-media tour so I got a pair of headphones and an audio commentary as I walked around. I was impressed with how ornate everything was with gilded ceilings and oak panelling. It also enjoyed visiting the chambers – which you usually only see on television. The whole place is steeped in history and well worth a visit.

From Westminster, I walked to Buckingham Palace. I didn’t have the time to go around the palace but I enjoyed looking at it from the outside and I ate my lunch in the adjoining park, which was very peaceful.

I then walked through Belgravia and Kensington admiring all the very expensive houses and cars until I reached the Natural History Museum. I had booked ahead to see the Dippy exhibition, but I could have just gone in as they weren’t checking tickets. The museum is free and you could easily spend all day there. As I only had a couple of hours, I went around the dinosaur section and the Volcanoes and Earthquakes section.

There wasn’t much time to do anything else but I enjoyed my day out in London and although the trains were a bit chaotic (my train home was also cancelled), it was quite manageable in a day trip from Yorkshire.

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