Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

We visited Somerset in April 2022 – our first holiday in three years!

On the first day of our trip, we visited Cheddar Gorge, which was a short drive from our holiday cottage.

It was a beautiful, clear, sunny day so perfect for walking. We parked in Cliff Street carpark (£5.50 all day), but we soon realised there were cheaper options available just outside the town.  

Cheddar is very touristy – and there are plenty of places to buy local cider, cheese, ice cream and souvenirs and quite a few eating options as well. You can see cheddar cheese being made here at The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company:

We followed this route around Cheddar Gorge:

The start of the walk wasn’t that easy to find. It started with a steep incline up a wooded area. Half-way up is a cave and there are some beautiful views from the top.

You then walk along the gorge on a decent footpath – along the way we saw loads of butterflies, a mountain goat, lots of bluebells and other woodland flowers. We had a picnic before we descended via a set of steep steps to the road.

We debated being lazy and walking back to Cheddar along the road but decided to continue with the walk.

Another sharp climb brought us to the top of the gorge again with long steep drops to our right and great views of the surrounding area and the reservoir.

To get to the bottom you climb down a long set of 275 steps called ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. I was quite pleased we were coming down, rather than up, these!  

Back in the town, we bought an ice cream and some cheese before driving through the Gorge. This was definitely worth doing as you get much more of a sense of its height and beauty from the road.

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