The Forts of Rajasthan 1: The Red Fort, Old Delhi

During our time in Rajasthan, in October 2018, we visited four forts:

  • The Red Fort, Old Delhi
  • The Agra Fort, Agra
  • The Amber Fort, Jaipur
  • The Tiger Fort, Jaipur

The Red Fort, Old Delhi (Lal Qal‘ah)

We took a tuk-tuk to the Red Fort from our hotel in New Delhi. The driver was a student called Vinod who spoke very good English and taught us a few phrases in Hindi.

The Red Fort was built in the 17th century and is an example of Mughal architecture. The surrounding red sandstone walls are 23 metres (75 feet high) and inside is a complex of palaces, entertainment halls, gardens and a mosque. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Entrance to the Red Fort, Old Delhi

The fort was very impressive, even from the outside. There were kites (the birds) flying overhead casting shadows on the walls, which was very atmospheric. The ticket queues were a bit confusing as there are separate ones for foreigners (local people pay 5.5 rupees; foreigners pay 600). It was 118 rupees for an audio guide. There were two queues for the Red Fort: one for men and one for women and you were searched, and your bag scanned, as you went in.

The buildings are made from red sandstone and white marble and are intricately carved. I particularly enjoyed walking around the Hall of Public Audience (made from red sandstone) and the Hall of Private Audience (made from white marble). The whole complex was enchanting.

Inside the complex
The Hall of Public Audience
The hall of private audience

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