The Peranakan Museum in Singapore

The Peranakan Museum in Singapore explores the art and culture of Peranakan communities in South East Asia and is housed in a beautiful building on Armenian Street.

The Peranakan Museum in Singapore

In Malay, Peranakan means ‘child of’ or ‘born of’ and is used to refer to people of mixed ethnic origins.

The museum has nine galleries over three floors covering origins, weddings, language and fashion, religion, public life, food and feasting.

The wedding bed in the Peranakan Museum, Singapore

I was particularly interested in the ceramic displays of ‘nyonyaware’ – the brightly coloured Chinese porcelain favoured by the Peranakans.

Some of the ceramics on display at the Peranakan Museum, Singapore

On the ground floor there was a video installation inspired by the collections. It was like walking inside a kaleidoscope! You can see my videos on YouTube:

There are two museum shops on either side of the ground floor.

The admission fee was $13 and the museum is open daily from 10am to 7pm (9pm on Fridays). However, I understand from their website that the museum is currently closed for refurbishment so check before you go.

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