The Hang Nga ‘Crazy House’ in Da Lat, Vietnam

‘Think of Gaudí and Tolkien dropping acid together’.

When we read this Lonely Planet description of the Hang Nga Crazy House in Da Lat, Vietnam, we knew we had to check it out.

This private home, which doubles as a small hotel, is every planning department’s worse nightmare. A riot of winding staircases, high bridges, glittering windows and hidden rooms, it’s like falling into a surreal fairy tale.

The architecture incorporates fantasy and woodland elements with garish colour schemes and a whimsical approach to design. Some elements were still under construction when we went in March 2018 and it was interesting (although slightly unnerving) to see how they created the building.

‘Under construction’

The house is great for photos and a lot of fun. A hidden bonus is that from the upper levels you get a great view of the city and the lake. You can stay the night here and they even have a honeymoon suite!

View of Da Lat from Hang Nga house
One of the bedrooms where you can stay

A couple of words of warning: the high bridges and low barriers means that it’s not suitable for very young children or people who have mobility problems. It’s also not recommended if you suffer from vertigo.

The bridges are not for the faint hearted!

Hang Nga Crazy House is included in many tours of the city but it’s very easy to organise yourself. We walked from the city centre which took around 20 minutes. Admission is 50,000 VND (approximately £1.58) and you probably need no more than an hour for your visit.

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  1. no way!! The architecture here is unreal!

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